EOG: Only The Good Read Young

I am a terrible leader! ūüėõ I have been harassing the rest of the members for the last week to hand over their blog posts for May and yet I just finished wrapping mine up an hour ago.

However I will say that our group verges on the point of being too epic to even be described! I was both pleased and apprehensive when our little band of 4 sprang to 6 with the addition of two fabulous new ladies to our group. Would they meld well with the rest of the group? Would they laugh at our stupid jokes? Thank goodness not half an hour in we were all cracking jokes and piping up and getting along just swimmingly!

One of the many many things I love about this book club is the freedom to say just about anything. We seem to have tackled a lot of books lately with real gritty or heart wrenching themes or plots, but have been lucky enough to have one book that is either so¬†ridiculous¬†or so different that we are able to grab something and turn it into a running joke. Last time around it was¬†Genghis and the¬†marvellous¬†poop sword, and this time it was Bumped and the¬†¬†crazy teen who slept with a boy who looks like Jesus so she could “feel God”.

In between the laughing and joking and eating the amazing vanilla cupcakes filled with lemon curd and lemon meringue buttercream frosting (I almost died from the numminess), we were actually able to delve deep into our books and find meaning in the mass of easy to read fiction.

Jenna dove into Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan and found a book that looked unflinchingly at LGBT teens and their struggle to come to terms with who they are, as well as big gay musicals.

Dana read White Cat by Holly Black filled with curse-workers whose very touch can change the essense of who you are and  how you think, it also gave us a good laugh over the term blow back, which were the consiquences of using their touch.

Amanda got a taste of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and was happy to finally encounter a strong female lead in today’s teen fiction, and I tried desperately not to give away all the juicy bits.

Christine read Bumped by Megan McCafferty and was enraged by its interesting premise and terrible¬†execution, but it did provide us with our joke book of the night and so many incredibly hilarious laughs. Read her review of this book and the last 3 EOG Book Club books over at her blog : Delusions of Grace –¬†Sex, tears and books thrown in anger

Andrea fell in love with¬†A Fault in Our Stars which was also by John Green as she found a¬†book that spoke to her on a very personal level and reminded each of us that no day is guaranteed. Check out her review over at: facelessmasses –¬†A Fault in Our Stars; or how to break a nerdfighter.

I read Insurgent by Veronica Roth which gave me a feisty young heroine in a world divided by personality types, and addressed suicide without glamorizing or trivializing. My review is hanging out over at: Where You Go I May Not Follow РInsurgent

We also have a couple people who are joining us long distance and are reading along:

Tawnie is out in Hong Kong right now and gave us a write up on Cinder by Marissa Meyer, nothing like a dystopian future fairytale to get the blood pumping. Take a look at her review over at: There is joy to be claimed in this life – Book Club May

All in all, May Book Club was another fantastic time of good friends and great books.
Looking forward to another Month.

Our Genre for June: Fantasy


Our List Thus Far

historical fiction
science fiction
teen/young adult
urban fantasy
chick lit
true crime
self help
religious fiction
children’s literature
foreign translated


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