Top Ten Tuesday: Not Listening and Making Goals

Top Ten Tuesdays
Not even going to apologize for my horrendous absence, they keep happening and I keep apologizing, and as my mom always told me “Sorry means I’m never going to do it again.” And I really do feel bad for being gone all the time but to be completely honest its probably going to happen again on more then one occasion.

I am also going to be sneaky and not do this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, and do the one from last week. Partially because I cant think of any debut novels I am really looking forward to, the other part is because its my first book blog of the year and I should probably lay down some goals and plans or what have you.

Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013

1. Continue running the EOG Book Club: This last year has been so amazing with the book club, while some of the ladies have floated in and out and are kinda irregular we have a pretty strong core of about 4 of us that have been keeping strong. Every month brings new insights about new books and genres, and way more laughing then is entirely healthy.

2. Give the EOG Book Club a stronger online presence: I’ve been absolutely awful this year when it comes to blogging consistently, both with Top Ten Tuesday and with the book club. I’d like to at the very least have this happening regularly again. Its once a month I have zero excuse. We also discussed in our December meeting how much fun we think it would be to record our discussion and pop them online. I have no idea how realistic that is, or if we will actually do it, but its something I’d love to explore. I think we are all intelligent and hilarious and I think would make for good listening.

3. Explore more Canadian authors and Canadian settings: I love this great big country of mine, its beautiful and diverse and has so many lovely delicious differences. This month for book club we have Canadiana for our genre, we agreed to choose either a Canadian author or a book set in Canada, which if we are going to be honest are probably going to be pretty mutually exclusive. There just are not a lot of non-Canadian authors flexing their brainpower in a Canadian setting. When i was a kid I was obsessed with Canadian authors, and if I could find them, Albertan authors. I was lucky enough to stumble onto Kit Pearson, and Monica Hughes, two authors who were not only from my home province, but who also lived in Edmonton, which was the closest major city to me. They continue to be my two favorite authors over a decade later.

4. Read more to my niece and nephew: Sadly i live about an hour away from my niece and nephew, and therefore i dont get to spend a tonne of time with them. One thing I have thankfully been able to do is read to them. My sister has been very good about making sure my darling babies have lots of books around and love reading. I go out of my way when I’m in town to be at her house before their bed time so we can sit together, one tiny person on each side and read 3 or 4 books. I love it and I want to do it more!

5. Blog at minimum once a week: I’m not perfect and I know it, I want to blog so much more, but I want to nail myself down to at least one a week.

6. Join a couple of reading challenges: There are a whole bunch of reading challenges over at A Novel Challenge, so far I am interested in the Kidlit Read and Review challenge as well at the YA challenge. Obviously if I do the Kidlit one its going to involve extra blogging, but I mean I dont think thats a huge issue on such little compact books. And even if I do some of the others I dont need to necessarily do a full review but just check in and let you know what i’ve been reading.

7. Get Growing Up Without Harry off the ground: I mentioned it a long, long, long time ago, but believe you me I definitely haven’t forgotten about it. I’ve kept on reading, and will honestly probably need to go back and get a refresher, but I want to write this so so so so so so bad! I cant even pin point why, but it just feels right so I hope to get it right.

8. Get Sequential Genesis off the ground: This is another project I mentioned super briefly. I have found comics due to the beautiful lady who lives over at FacelessMasses, and I have been absolutely enthralled by the medium. I am by no means an expert on the topic of comics and sequential art, but I am loving it none the less. I’d really like to give this some perspective as an outsider looking in. Comics were not something I was into, manga yeah, but comics are a whole different beast.

9. Show my e-reader some love: I have a pretty awful/awesome habit of buying books. Like copious amounts of books. I love to be surrounded by them. Mix this with my growing love of comics. My very very very tiny apartment is running out of space. So what I’d like to do, with the exception of books that continue a series I’ve already begun, or by authors I religiously follow, I am going to get the book in a e-reader format whenever possible. I figure this will save me a lot of space, as well as save me a bit of money.



Growing Up Without Harry

. growing up I was raised in a Christian home (I hate the word religious it sounds like we chased people with bibles and carried around spritzers of holy water), as such there were certain things that my sister and I were not allowed to watch and read. I would by no means call myself sheltered. I watched all manner of Disney movies, with and without magic characters and dont consider my childhood lacking in any way. I was an avid reader and gobbled up C.S. Lewis, Tolkien (started with the Hobbit) and other books that may or may not have had a creature or theme linked to magic. One series though that was never allowed in the house was the Harry Potter series. To be fair by the time I had even heard of their existence the first four books had already been released and the movie was coming out sparking a fresh hysteria among parents both religious and not about the books and their impact on children.

I didn’t have a real interest in reading the series in general, as at this point my  reading had starting its beautiful and continuing bent for science fiction and Canadian authors, but I was aware of the general premise and that I wasn’t allowed to watch for a variety of reasons. However my mom wanted me to be informed, to be able to back up the reasons why she thought the series wasn’t appropriate for kids my age (elementary/junior high). So she took me to see the first movie when it came out, and we spent an evening watching it and then an equal amount of time afterward discussing it. My main memories of the occasion is that there were a number of instances I found deeply frightening, and very dark. I felt fairly well armed to go back to my comrades and tell them the reasons I wasn’t allowed to read them, and my total lack of desire to read them.

The books (and consequently movies)  continued to come out and as I grew older I was given more freedom with my movie choices, and while the Harry Potter movies were never a first choice, through one circumstance or another I ended up seeing a movie most of the films. Each one to me seemed darker and darker. Not exactly movies to my taste to say the least. So when the third book in the series showed up on my syllabus for Children’s Lit in college I felt a little scandalized. I read the book, and while not scarred, didn’t give the series any more notice then necessary to pass my test.

Off and on throughout the years people have implored me to just sit down and read the series and get a proper feel for it. Because as we all know Hollywood tends to either at best get  a general idea and at worst murder the original literature. I told them all to lend me a copy and I would, and it never really ended up happening. Then I got my Kobo, and a friend generously loaded the entirety of the series onto it for me, and I though well, lets do it then. Lets finally read the Harry Potter series.

I find it interesting that so many people I know grew up with Harry, they aged along side him and feel like his story was a huge part of their maturing. I seemed to make it through by other means, and have always had a hard time understanding the near fanatical at times following that the series has. So I propose to write out a blog a month detailing one book at a time and my feeling and thought on it. I will obviously be reading them much much faster then that (3 weeks and 3 books consisting of lunch breaks and the odd hour or two), but really want to have something  consistantly scheduled. So I will type these out at I read them, and pop them on an auto posting doodly-do. I really hope it will be a learning process for me, and for you and that in the end we enjoyed our time together.