March Wrap Up

Its the post that no one asked for but that your getting anyway!
The name of the game for March was making a dent in the comics and graphic novels in my collection.
Ok Team! Lets get a run down of what I read and how I felt.

25489134The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden: I started this one in Feb and finished it in early March. I was completely sucked in and only really stopped reading when I got super spooked in some of the later chapters. I really enjoy fairy tales and folk takes and was delighted to get some insights into stories of the Russian variety. I was also really interested in the way the church was portrayed, not as the enemy, but as deceived.                      4.5 Honey Cakes out of 5.

23129410Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor: I had such high hopes. I really love the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. Cecil and Carlos are my OTP and I am all about the episodic randomness that pulls together into a beautiful surprise. Unfortunately I just didn’t feel connected to either of the main characters. Neither Jackie or Diane really drew me in, and I was honestly much more interested in learning more about Josh or Old Woman Josie and the Erica’s. I did listen to this on audiobook, which is the only reason this got a 3 rather than a 2.
3 Flamingos out of 5.

29780171Archie Vol 2 by Mark Waid: I’ve really been enjoying the re-emergence of the Riverdale fandom. Archie himself has never been a favourite character, lets be real, he’s a total jerk. I’m here for Betty and Jughead and Dilton and Ethel. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep going with the next volume, not because I don’t like these last two volumes, but because I just don’t like Archie enough to keep investing $20 into these.
3 Fickle Redheads out of 5.

27405590Jughead Vol 1 by Chip Zdarsky: This is what we are here for!! Juggie has always been my fav. He was snarky and sarcastic and just not about that date life. This first volume paid hommage to the classic Jughead stories and it made me so incredibly happy. Can we also talk for a moment about Juggie being asexual? As someone who identifies as demi, I’m all about this. Its only dropped in passing, but I’m happy they did it this way rather than making it a big production.
4 Burgers out of 5.

2057897925943106Amulet Vol 6 and 7 by Kazu Kibuishi: I’ve been working my way through this series and have been liking it quite a bit so far. The only issue I’ve had so far is that the story can be hard to follow at times. I’ve found myself needing to go back and reread sections, and in more then a couple cases, feel parts of the story are skipped over and we are expected to fill in the gaps. Its a very interesting fantasy story with a delightful mix of mechs and sci-fi.
3 Robot Houses out of 4.

28354793Chupacabras Song by Jim C. Hines: I have weird feelings about this one. I love Jim C. Hines. He is a phenomenal writer. I have loved everything I’ve read from him. Sure it can occasionally be a little fan servicey, but heck, you do you Jim. I had to read this tiny short story 4 times before I got a solid idea of what was going on. I’m not sure if I just wasn’t in the right headspace for the story, or if it just wasn’t up to Mr. Hines usual calibre , but this one wasn’t for me.
3 Magic Vet Assistants out of 5.

30776605Jughead Vol 2 by Chip Zdarsky: Yes, just Yes. 100x yes. This volume was perfect, it was everything I wanted and more.  We get more Juggie, being Juggie, this time in less episodic and more slice of life story telling. Which is what I live for. We get to see Juggie interacting with his friends, and going on a date, which is a beautiful thing. That Juggie is ace is further developed in this volume and it truly gave me life. One of the things I found myself enjoying more than I thought were the interatctions between Archie and Jughead, where we explore how friendships change over time, and it was really delicately done.
5 Burger Women out of 5.

25138266B26067583atgirl Vol 1 and Vol 2. by Cameron Stewart: I don’t know team, maybe Batgirl just isn’t for me. Batwoman? Yes, always Yes. Batgirl… Meh. I had a really hard time with this one. I don’t know if its because despite this being a Volume 1 and 2 there is a tonne of back story that is hinted at rather then explained. I don’t think the story is inherently bad, it was just not an ideal jumping in point. I also found our main character to be rather dislikable over all. I’m down with flawed characters, and that your protagonist doesn’t have to be a nice person. I honestly just find her more annoying than anything.
3 Needy Batgirls out of 5.

28954189Scythe by Neal Shusterman: I need to stop trying to describe Neal Shusterman books to my friends. They can tell by my face how excited about them I am, but the content is so dark, and psychologically messed up that my friends become concerned. Scythe was absolutely phenomenal and I would 100% recommend. I will do a full on review of this one. I love it too much not to. Long Story Short: World without death gives two teens a license to kill.
5 out of 5 Flamethrowers

28186137Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood: I might have been mildly disappointed by Welcome to Night Vale, but that honestly is nothing in comparison to Angel Catbird. This thing was a monstrosity. Maybe it was intended to be one of those its “so bad its good” cult comics, but it blew past that and exploded into 3 years of unchanged kitty litter. Margaret Atwood has written a couple of my favourite books, and even though I had seen pretty brutal reviews for it, I wanted to give Ms Atwood the benefit of the doubt. This was a wrong choice. The art was good, but the dialogue was juvenile and story went from 0-60-300 in a matter of panels. The only reason my Goodreads says 1 star is because there is no option to give 0 and still give a rating.
0 Creepy Half Rat Harems out of 5

Thats it team. It was a pretty wild ride. I had some really amazing reads this month, and more then and a few disappointing reads. Heres to April and a beautiful new month of reading.


Top Ten Tuesday: Heart Breaker

This week over at The Broke and the Bookish our Top Ten Tuesday topic is Books that Broke My Heart A Little. A really good and fitting choice for a single on Valentines day! 😛 I have been pretty vocal about books that have made me cry, seeing as they are so few and far between due to my cold cold heart! I will give you all a my ten, and try to keep them to relatively quick synopsis so as to keep some suspense and hopefully they will make your heart ache just like they made mine.

1.The Book Thief by Markus Zusack: On almost everyones list, I can assure you. Granted I listened to it on audiobook, but the story and the narator are amazing. Started crying so hard when driving I had to pull over.

2. The Isis Trilogy by Monica Hughes: All three books really spoke to me in different ways. I read them out of order, book 2, then 1, then 3, which made book one feel almost like a prequel to me. Seeing where the characters came from and how they became the heros and monsters I met later on made it powerful. For insight into why book three made me weep check out the About Tab.

3. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins: I noticed a lot of people mentioned the whole series, and I can feel that. It is, bar none, one of the best YA titles on the market right now, so I can see how it moved people and did some heart breaking. I loved the whole series, dont get me wrong, but it was Mockingjay (book 3) that reduced me to tears on several occasions.

4. Unwind by Neal Shusterman: An amazing title, a little disturbing and more then a little heart breaking. There are two scenes that I think of particularly that had my heart aching in my chest, but I shall leave them for you to discover.

5. The Giver by Lois Lowry: I had the distinct pleasure of never reading this in school. I knew a lot of people who had to read it for a novel study in class, and I’m glad I never had to. Its a beautiful, sad, touching and well written story, and I dont think my brain could have caught all the nuances hidden inside. The tragedy of intentional ignorance and the death of innocence make for a moving tale.

6. Room by Emma Donoghue: Wow…. just, wow. A life of captivity and adventure, and shelter and abuse and freedom; as told by a five year old.

7. Identical by Ellen Hopkins: The style through be off, but after a reading Hopkins’ book Burnt on a suggestion from a friend, I figured I would give it a try. And I did, and I was confused, and sad. These two tragic characters, and what they had to endure every day, and then to finally get to the end and find out the even more painful truth.

8. The Snow Queens Shadow by Jim C. Hines: This is the last book in Hines’ Princess series, and like the end of any series there is always a lot of heart break and having to say goodbye to characters you’ve grown to love and get to know. This book was worse then the lot! Mostly because I didn’t know until I was over half way through that it was in fact the last in the series. I had anticipated the end of the book, figured I knew how it would end, there would be some tragedy of course, but I would have other books and would eventually come to terms. Nope…. not the case, so by the time I reached the end I was wrecked, knowing that I would never get to adventure with some of the best characters I’d encountered in a while.

9. The Lights Go On Again by Kit Pearson: Another last book. Sorry!! If your going to try reading any of my picks it looks like i’ve thrown you into a pit of reading!! 😀 Set at the end of WWII our main characters finally have the chance to return home to England, to their home. But after 5 years with another family and in another country, what does home really mean?

10. A Perfect Gentle Knight by Kit Pearson: Golly I love her writing. This is a one off though, and its YA so its a quick read. Dont mistake quick for vapid though. Pearson fills this book with one emotional hit after another. Your heart will break as you watch a brave young boy spiral out of control in an attempt to keep his family together.


Sorry for getting this out to you all a little late, I’m going to have to get more on top of this. There has been a lot of training and craziness going on lately, leaving little room for writing and reading. Also only a couple covers this week, cause its 2 am and I’m too tired to look them all up!!

Keep your eyes peeled though, I finally finished Dear Fatty, by Dawn French and am eager to fill you all in. If i dont have it out to you by Friday, feel free to flog me.

❤ Much love