EOG: Inappropriate Cupcakes and a Poop Sword

Good Afternoon everyone!

I hereby apologize (deargravyboat why are all my blogs starting like this lately) for the enormous gap in coverage! Feel free to throw all the pointy rocks and angry glances my way. They are deserved!

So this is going to be a mini update of both months I suppose! March which was Romance Month. And April which was Historical Fiction month.

March as you can expect was filled with all manner of hilarity as we dove into the terrifyingly wacky world of romance novels. Not a one of us was particularly impressed with our chosen topic but we knuckled down under the oppression and sprang forth with great enthusiasm. (That last part may or may not be true.) But truth is four of us procured books for the reading, put our time and energy into exploring these books and came together to talk about them. We were greatly blessed by the baking of man-bit and booby cupcakes by our dear Christine, and ate them henceforth. We then proceeded to crack jokes and laugh mercilessly at the genre.

Here is the break down of our opinions:
1 Reader – Couldn’t get passed the first 30 pages, as there was some pretty gross gaping chest wound sex. This saddened the reader as the premise of vampires that weren’t total sissies and had an awesome wicked sounding back story was rather enticing.
1 Reader – Was not particularly impressed or disappointed in her historical horse circus romance, involving a cock-blocking dog and a perfectly packaged ending. Was deemed an easy read that was good for zoning out.
2 Readers – Inexplicably fell in love with their books which turned out to be series which they both become deeply invested in. One was an urban fantasy which the reader used as a very handy motivational tool for weight loss. Loose weight buy the next book. The other a historical romance which the reader found had a surprising amount of detail and back story, then ran out to buy the whole series…

3 phrases to sum up March: inappropriate cupcakes,  jokes, laughter

April was a little more contemplative but did not fail in its ability to make us laugh like mad fools. We had a wide range of books this time around. Christine read Markus Zusacks’ The Book Thief Dana read Genghis: Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden, Andrea read the play The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer and I read Rachel Simon’s  The Story of Beautiful Girl. 

Our books all focused on different people groups in different eras, but this did not stop us from drawing parallels between our stories. The Story of Beautiful Girl, A Normal Heart and The Book Thief all touched on the social acceptance of ignoring and hiding the suffering of others based on a lack of understanding and acceptance. The Book Thief and A Normal Heart both highlighted the incredible damage that hate can create not just for the individuals but for the world.

Genghis gave us a fascinating look into one of history’s most recognizable villains, which we learned had pretty good reasons for going crazy and killing people. Two words people… Poop sword… You want that to make sense read the book…. or show up at book club! 😀

Really book club is much more stimulating then this, and we got a chance to look into some really deep issues, share in the heartbreak of eachother’s stories and laugh at the ridiculous parts. We all ranted, and raved and got a lot off our chests and genuinely enjoyed each others company… and the cake…. damn fine rum cake.

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Our Genre for May: Teen/Young Adult Lit!

Our List Thus far

historical fiction
science fiction
teen/young adult
urban fantasy
chick lit
true crime
self help
religious fiction
children’s literature
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